Compliance Made Easy With CyCloud

The benefits of a strong compliance posture compounds over time: maintaining a high level of cybersecurity minimizes the potential of breaches and protects your customers, company and corporate reputation.  Additionally, high standards make the organization ready for upcoming compliance demands required by clients and government agencies. Conversely, the consequences of one breach could compromise the viability of the company itself.

The benefits of a strong compliance posture compounds over time

Unfortunately most cloud providers are applying yesterday’s private sector security and compliance standards, such as HIPAA and PCI, to today’s global cybersecurity environment where sophisticated state-sponsored attacks and cybercriminal campaigns are commonplace.  With such high stakes, your cybersecurity plan must be focused not only on modern threats, but also on the future.  Standards are changing at a rapid pace to match the ever-evolving techniques employed by adversaries to compromise or steal valuable data.  You need a cloud provider that not only keeps pace with these changing standards but exceeds them.  

Enterprises need to adopt a higher level of cloud security which complies with the standards utilized by the most protected defense organizations

Enterprises need to adopt a higher level of cloud security which complies with the standards utilized by the most protected defense organizations.  This standard is known as FedRAMP FISMA High.

CyLogic’ flagship offering, CyCloud, far exceeds the security requirements for all commercially-regulated industries (PCI, HIPAA and more) and delivers a higher level of security than any public cloud provider.

In fact, CyLogic is one of a small group of companies that offers non government enterprises with an offering that complies with the standards required for FedRAMP High status in an IaaS offering.

Here are three reasons to choose CyCloud:

  1. Above-the-Tier: CyCloud exceeds the strictest U.S. Government security FedRAMP FISMA High—which is significantly higher than the security requirements of any regulated commercial industry. CyCloud has been vetted by Coalfire, the leading assessment organization on the market, as: “In Full Alignment with FedRAMP FISMA HIGH compliant… [that] delivers the highest level of integrated security.”
  2. State-of-the-art Architecture: The key to security is having a rock-solid configuration management plan, process and monitoring. You don't need multiple and often redundant cyber security tools when you are properly architected, implemented and monitored.  Achieving 100 percent compliance across the entire security architecture configuration—and to be notified of any change—should be standard and not an option.  
  3. Guaranteed Continuous Monitoring: Not only are your systems continuously monitored but  CyCloud’s security and compliance is continuously monitored by independent and trusted third parties to ensure that CyCloud’s posture and compliance is up to date in light of new attacks and changing regulatory requirements.

Cybersecurity compliance is complex with a multitude of standards, regulations and tools to understand which can make it overwhelming to manage and consistently maintain. It can be challenging to adopt a system that not only complies with the highest levels of current cybersecurity but can adapt as future requirements are mandated.

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