The EASE of Use of a Public Cloud, the Data Control of a Private Cloud

But large organizations hesitate to trust them with their most sensitive data and struggle to stay within budget. It is difficult for enterprises to determine who has control over their valuable data, who has access to it and where it actually resides. In response, enterprises often turn to building a custom private cloud. 

Unfortunately, the private cloud has failed to provide the ease-of-use achieved with public cloud: they are complex, inflexible and expensive. Also, the majority of enterprises struggle to secure complex cloud infrastructure at the level required given the sensitivity of the data.   

CyLogic offers a better path than the limited, binary, choice between public and private cloud computing. CyCloud is a best-of-breed holistic Cloud Infrastructure that has merged the desired benefits of multi-tenant public cloud—including self-service and elasticity—with the performance, security and compliance advantages of a dedicated private cloud in an on-premises and near premises deployment.

Features of CyCloud: 

Not all clouds are created equal. Unlike general-purpose public clouds, CyLogic’s CyCloud is a true enterprise-class cloud built to run complex, business-critical enterprise applications with a security level required by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Public cloud environments are the king of ease-of-use—they are immediately available and have seemingly endless options. Enterprises move to the public cloud primarily for the flexibility in scaling workloads.

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