You Are Always In Control With CyCloud

Enterprises should be reluctant to give public cloud providers control over their most valuable resource—their data. In reality, public cloud providers do not give you this elementary necessity - clarity into where it is and who has access to it.

In response to this lack of control, enterprises often choose to build independently their own private clouds. It is expensive to build and maintain. The private cloud is inflexible; a hardware-perimeter-focused environment in a fast moving, API-focused global village. Building and securing the private clouds require tremendous expertise not found in most organizations. Maintaining the private cloud infrastructure is even more challenging as none of the desired public cloud attributes comes with a private cloud such as: pay-as-you-go, agility, service breadth as well as a single point-of-purchase, support, maintenance and upgrades.

CyCloud resolves these issues by offering a better path than the limited, binary, choice between public and private cloud computing. CyCloud is a best-of-breed holistic Cloud Infrastructure that has merged the desired benefits of multi-tenant public cloud—including self-service and elasticity—with the performance, security and compliance advantages of a dedicated private cloud in an on-premises and near premises deployment. It allows enterprises familiar with custom-made solutions to enjoy a cloud that is as accessible as the public cloud but is under your control. CyLogic gives you control that is validated by an independent reputable assessment organization and a higher level of security than any other public cloud provider. 

Some additional key features: 

The Economist wrote that “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” You’re doing a lot to protect your data, but what about keeping control of your data? Having transparency about where your data is located and who has access to it are key components of controlling your data.

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