“Cybersecurity breaches pose major legal threat to healthcare providers”

"Healthcare Hacking Leading Cause for 2017 Incidents"

- HealthcareSecurity.com, June 6, 2017, FierceHealthcare, November 1, 2017

“Hacking still healthcare’s top threat,” reports Healthcare IT News. “Since the start of 2017, the rate of breaches has steadily paced at about one breach a day — often more.” Worse, the average breach goes undetected for 138 days, while one “organization had an ongoing breach for two years.”

What do hackers do when they get into your system? “Extortion attempts,” “ransom demands directly from the hacker,” and one hacker – TheDarkOverlord – “dumped 10,000 patient records for sale on the dark web.”

What about your patients? What about your legal liability?

These companies thought they were secure.
They were wrong.

Are you secure? Are you sure?

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