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CyCloud for SaaS Providers

Achieve the highest level of security and compliance by delivering your platform on the CyCloud Secure Enterprise Cloud to win contracts that require the highest level of security and compliance

The FedRAMP Market Opportunity

To deliver cloud services toU.S. Federal Agencies, you must be listed on the FedRAMP marketplace. CyLogic’steam of experienced Cybersecurity experts bring considerable past experience inthis area. To work Software as a Service providers to bring their platform intocompliance alignment on top of our VMware-based Cloud. This is a straightforwardtwo steps process. This capability additionally brings credibility commercialwork.

FedRAMP your SaaS:

CyLogic’s team of experts has significant experience planning, building, implementing and achieving FedRAMP JAB certification. This real-world expertise will allow you to streamline the FedRAMP security and compliance authorization process, saving you time and money in penetrating the Federal market.  

Deployment on CyCloud:

CyCloud brings the highestlevel of security and compliance to meet the mandatory requirements of anycompliance framework. Our team of experienced Cybersecurity engineers ensurethe secure deliver of your SaaS platform for any highly regulated industry.

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Why to SaaS providers partner with CyLogic to achieve the highest levels of compliance?

New Market

Utilize CyCloud to rapidly bring your SaaS platform into compliance for any market sector including Federal, state, local or commercial sectors


The highest level protection for your customers’ data


Reduce costs of compliance and shorten time to market

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