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CyCloud exceeds
FedRAMP: The Gold Standard of Cloud Security

A higher level of security than any public cloud provider

How can you defend your company against state-level attacks?


Cybersecurity is built into our DNA - not tacked on as an option


Far exceeds the security requirements for all commercially-regulated industries (PCI, HIPAA and more)

Future Proof

CyLogic consistently integrates the latest cutting-edge cyber technologies

Weaker Coverage

Moderate Coverage

Robust Coverage


"The Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT) is ISACA's framework for information technology (IT) management and IT governance."

Large public clouds are attractive targets for state-level attacks

Eight of the world's largest cloud providers were breached by Chinese cyber spies in a multi-year infiltration according to Reuters.

The invasion exploited vulnerabilities in those cloud providers’ and their clients’ inadequate cyber postures. For the first time in history, commercial enterprises, wholly unprepared, are on the front lines of a military cyber conflict.

Former Australian National Cyber Security Adviser Alastair MacGibbon stated that “This was the theft of industrial or commercial secrets for the purpose of advancing an economy,”

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