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Edge Computing

CyCloud exceeds
FedRAMP: The Gold Standard of Cloud Security

Get your data where you need it - fast, local and secure.

Why is Edge-Cloud important for your business?

Get your data faster

you can’t overcome the laws of physics. Edge cloud means getting data quickly—in single digit milliseconds

Keep your data closer

Rapidly deployable in a global network of high-speed interconnected data centers, ensuring optimal performance across the globe

Keep your data safe

Less data travel means lower costs and fewer security risks

Weaker Coverage

Moderate Coverage

Robust Coverage


"The Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT) is ISACA's framework for information technology (IT) management and IT governance."

Data Travel is expensive, takes time and is risky. Keep your data close, quick and safe.

When executives travel it costs time and money and exposes them to travel-related security risks like viruses. The same is true for your data. When possible, it is best to keep your data close - at the edge. It saves time and money and reduces the exposure of your data to unnecessary risk.

Public clouds are centralized, requiring your data to travel long distances for each action. This results in latency (slows access to data), costs you money, and exposes your data to unnecessary risk.

As 5G and the Internet Of Things grow in importance - low latency, data transition costs, and high bit rates will become vital requirements to meet computing needs.

Localizing of data means improved application performance, lower costs, and lower bandwidth costs. CyCloud can distribute your computing capabilities across the network, closer to the edge.

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