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Predictable Costs

CyCloud exceeds
FedRAMP: The Gold Standard of Cloud Security

Predictable costs - based on your predetermined requirements


Pricing that everyone can understand. Certainty, with no surprises


Contract pricing based on your customised systems and requirements including reserve capacity

Less Data Travel

No need to move large volumes of data back and forth to a public cloud. Local data means lower costs

Weaker Coverage

Moderate Coverage

Robust Coverage


"The Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT) is ISACA's framework for information technology (IT) management and IT governance."

Surge capacity on the public cloud is not free

The flexibility to access large computer resources at will is not free. It means paying for yours and others’ surge capacity whether you use it or not. If your company is like the majority of enterprises, most of your sensitive data has predictable workloads.

CyLogic understands this, and gives you predictable and budgetable pricing. CyCloud is not a public cloud, but you benefit from cost-sharing without compromising security.

You share only the resources that you need - power, data center costs, monitoring, compliance and top level security experts - without sharing your precious data.

Your private CyCloud does not expose you to the risk of sharing computing power resources that you may not always need and which potentially expose you to unacceptable security risks.

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